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DEAR for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Making money with DEAR is easy

You only need three things to get started:

You know someone that needs to improve their inventory, ecommerce, or operations

You’re an accountant or bookkeeper

You have have a chat with are DEAR partner manager

How it works

You share a referral with us. They become a DEAR customer. You get paid.

You share your referral’s business contact information with us directly or in our partner portal.

We check to see if they’re already a customer or in a DEAR trial. If they’re not already a customer we engage with your referral and start selling.

Your referral sign-up and pays. As soon as they make their 2nd monthly subscription payment, you’ve met all the conditions to get paid.

We pay you every quarter based upon the number of eligible clients you referred.

Start Making Referrals

Why many accountants and bookkeepers refer clients to DEAR

Referring people to DEAR helps clients and practices achieve their goals

Increase client fees

Clients using DEAR are more successful, able, and willing to pay their accountants and bookkeepers more

Save clients money

Pass along special promotion codes to clients that are only available to referral partners

Fewer non-billable hours

Easily collaborate with clients with everyone having easy, cloud access to all financial and operating information

Gain priority support

Receive priority support and assistance from account managers

Contribute to client success

Give clients app advice that helps them sell more, become more efficent, and increase their sales

Win more new clients

Get the edge up on other practices by having early access to new DEAR features and exclusive sales resources

Build a practice reputation

Product businesses running on DEAR are 2x more likely to refer other business owners to the practice

Free access to client accounts and DEAR partner portal

Watch your referrals become eligible for your referral payment, access all your clients in one spot, and received a compelling demo account

Extra rewards and marketing support for top referring partners

Get help promoting and growing your practices for making several referrals per quarter

Start making referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay per referral?

As a DEAR Referral Partner, you will receive $100 for every eligible client you refer to DEAR.

How do I know if DEAR is a good fit for my client?

Thousands of stock-based businesses use DEAR for their inventory management in every major market, but every business is unique, and we’ll help you scope out whether your clients could benefit from DEAR. To be certain that your client will be successful on DEAR (or to avoid starting down the wrong path), our experienced team will conduct a full scoping session with your client to establish suitability of DEAR to their needs.

How does referring to DEAR differ from implementing DEAR?

When you refer a client to DEAR, you offer them advice on how to better manage their inventory, manufacturing and ecommerce, and you introduce DEAR and other apps. Implementation goes much further. When you implement DEAR, you get involved with the client in connecting apps, migrating data, training users, helping clients do change management, and supporting businesses with ongoing improvements and changes. People that implement DEAR receive more income from DEAR because of the extensive work implementing partners do that go far beyond referrals.

Do I get access to the referral’s DEAR account?

Through the partner portal you can access the accounts of any clients that you’ve referred to DEAR. — and a fully functional DEAR demo account.

Do I get access to an account to learn and Demo DEAR to my clients and prospective clients?

Through the partner portal you can access a fully functional DEAR demo account for up to 5 users to use and get familiar with DEAR. It’s easy to test out business scenarios, and use it for demonstrations and training. This is available free of charge to you for up to two years from the data of your latest client referral.

What training and support will I receive?

As part of our onboarding process, we’ll give your practice a walkthrough session to cover in detail what you need to know about DEAR and cloud inventory management. We will also cover our DEAR Partner Portal and how to register new clients in the portal.

How do I access support?

You can find all support resources from white paper, support solutions and video tutorials. If you or your clients need help with something more specific, contact your Account Manager or our support team directly.

Does DEAR integrate with other cloud services?

Yes, we do. DEAR integrates with a wide variety of different applications in the ecosystem, our integrations to other applications are managed by us. DEAR customers can seamlessly synchronise their data across all platforms. View all integrations with DEAR on our Integrations page.

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