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Start making more money with DEAR

We have three great options for you.

DEAR for accountants and bookkeepers

Make money referring clients to DEAR is easy

You make the introduction and we’ll do the rest of the work — the detailed scoping, demonstrations, and setup processes. DEAR has the highest customer ratings and success rates so your clients will be forever grateful to you. And, you get paid when they subscribe to DEAR.

DEAR for software integrators and consultants

Grow by implementing DEAR for your clients

Profit from the ecommerce and inventory boom by implementing DEAR for and building on your reputation for helping businesses implement cloud apps. Hundreds of businesses are moving to DEAR every month and many need your services. We’ll teach you how to become a DEAR masterclass implementer, work with you to promote your business, and win new clients.

DEAR for integration partners and developers

Integrate to DEAR to expand your opportunities and accelerate your growth

You have a powerful SaaS application and great market reputation. Now, it’s time to integrate your application to DEAR and sign-up new clients together. Once your application is integrated, there are many opportunities to get your solution considered by our thousands of customers.

#1 Rated Cloud ERP Software in USA

Get a big picture view of your business, without losing sight of the details. DEAR makes enterprise-level inventory management, manufacturing, sales channel integration, reporting and more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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